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New Dawn Kenya is a registered NGO that seeks to impact the future by preparing, positioning and transitioning the young generation from their pre-teen through teenage and into adulthood. This is achieved by equipping them with Biblical truth on sexuality, healthy relationships and life skills hence transforming them into purpose driven beings.

Unlike other organizations, ND's combination of preventive and hands-on home based training spread across three years guarantees effectiveness. Use of young, highly trained and vetted facilitators doubled with a parents' training makes the program holistic and unique.


Monthly Meeting
Our monthly meetings with our preteens continue throughout the year.

New Groups
New groups continue to form as well.

Our Commitment
A step each month towards achieving A generation Standing!

Living a Healthy Life
How best can we be safe and raise sexually responsible generation among our peers as well as the younger ones to us?

Session with the Children
This is a special session for educating and interacting with children where Biblical education, good behavior and social norms dominate the content delivered in a workshop and outdoor interactive session .

This is a central objective within New Dawn Kenya with great influecnce on prevention of risk behaviours. New Dawn kenya has a dynamic team that is of organized, highly motivated an results oriented that helps bring a lasting behaviour change.
Through giving full education to youths, life skills, civil participation, creating opportunities, and preparation for livelihoods, we are committed to mentoring youths not only to be financially stable but also to be socially responsible and be an example to their generation.
Through our Bible centered work by evangelizing boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish discipline in the Word of God we are determined to raise children and a generation that are God fearing, disciplined and use that foundation for their future prosperity.
Creating vision and articulating that vision is an important culture in life, and instilling this progressive in the youths beyond their future generation requires more intellectually intimate development workshops to build their capacity and guide them, a commitment that we largely support.